Off Market

The Pink Team frequently has off market purchasing opportunities which come about from Tracey's enduring relationships with her clientele. 

Why Off Market?

An off market sale is a term used to define a property that is selling, or has already been sold, without any public advertising. It’s a term that sometime pops up in property conversations and is usually linked to a property that needs an immediate sale, where the sale is often more important than the sold price. Off market means the home can be bought if its owner is presented with an acceptable offer but has decided not to promote the fact. An off-market sale is a faster, more efficient sale.  Off-market properties are listed by us and are ready to buy but haven't been listed online yet, so you might be able to snap one up before other buyers even get a look!

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Why Partner with Tracey and Tiffany to Sell your Home?

Effective Marketing

Effective marketing is important to the Pink Team, as great strategies to promote your property will attract potential buyers. 

Hard Work

The Pink Team dedicate their time and quality services to always achieving the best outcome for their clients. 

Pet Friendly

As Tiffany is an important member of the Pink Team, finding homes that are suitable for furry friends is a cornerstone of our business. 

Customer Service

Tracey was previously a Registered Nurse for 22 years. This experience has shown her the importance of excellent customer service.

Best Price 

The Pink Team work hard to ensure they achieve the absolute best market price for your property.


Tracey's nursing experience taught her the importance of integrity, which has carried over into her Real Estate business.

Prompt Communication

Tracey receives regular feedback that she treats people with courtesy and respect, and promptly replies to her clients. 


Tracey and the Pink Team are skilled in negotiation to guarantee that you get the best market price for your property. 

Get In Touch

Tracey and her side-kick Tiffany are focused on providing the best service and experience for their clients. Get in touch with the team today!